XPLAY Software

An integrated solution combining XPRO teleprompter software and TVPLAY content player, forming a bundle that enables the deactivation of one of the two stations when they work synchronously. This operates automatically, following the Master/Slave system principle.


What’s included

  • 2 × Pendrive, con el software TVPLAY y el software TVPROMPT XPRO (con los módulos de integración activados).
  • 2 × Dongle de protección con licencia permanente.

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TVPLAY: Key features

  • Full HD broadcasting. No specific video card or additional hardware required.
  • Compatible with Matrix MTZ TVOne. Configurable system according to needs.
  • Option to automatically launch playlists by day of the week. NEW
  • Possibility to play streaming signals (UDP, HTTP, RTP, RTSP, SRT). NEW
  • New improved and optimized playbackengine. NEW
  • Labels and color customization for quick identification of video type.
  • Self-rearming system in case of potential failures.
  • Organization of elements in playlists, editable in real-time. Recording and loading of playlists to disk in XML format.
  • Compatible with commonly used video formats: mov, avi, mkv, wmv, mp4, 3gp…
  • Total Playback control (pause, ff, skip, loop, etc) with elapsed, remaining, and total time counters. Schedule start by date and time.
  • Preview of output signal on main screen.
  • On-air system on the screen.
  • Insertion of simultaneous logos and quick assignment presets for each overlay.
  • Preview monitor for preview signal (PVW) and program signal (PGM) in scalable image.
  • Assignment of TC (Timecode) to input and output at the start and end of a video.
  • Two working modes: Playout or Continuity.
  • Optional features: scheduled ingest and video recording; multi-format playback and recording; transcoding/streaming.

XPRO: Key features

  • Management of long texts for presentations, speeches or lectures, rallies, TV news, etc.
  • Smooth transition: Fast text movement and speed inversion without jumps.
  • Antialiasing: Text smoothing, eliminating the unaesthetic effect of pixelated edges.
  • Import of different text formats: plain text (.txt), rich text (.rtf), and MS Word (.docx) without Office installed.
  • Organization and editing of texts in playlists for sequential launching. Multiple playlists in one session.
  • Allows working in extended or cloned mode with 2 monitors (control screen and camera prompter).
  • Specular image inversion (mirror).
  • Multiple playlists and real-time editing even with text in playback.
  • Supports Unicode fonts.
  • Inclusion of marks / hotcues in a single text or script for immediate access, even in multiple playlists.
  • Adaptable to any monitor with a resolution greater than 1024×768.
  • Preview window on the main screen. Text preview screen.
  • Definition of color, font type, and size for each playlist. Automatic conversion of black to custom color.
  • Automatic notices with custom colors.
  • Text advancement control via keyboard, with adjustable speed increments.
  • Simultaneous support for various types of remote control: foot pedal or handheld.
  • Allows customizing functions on the foot remote control via IP.
XPLAY is the fusion of features from our television continuity and playout software TVPLAY, along with our powerful professional teleprompter software TVPROMPT XPRO, enabling more efficient collaborative work, freeing up a workstation, and maximizing productivity.

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