About us

A sales platform for audiovisual equipment that emerges as a response to the needs of the sector.

At Additelecom we have the most modern professional audio and video equipment. Television, radio, congresses, shows, cinema and events in general. Image and sound systems as a perfect complement for your needs, both for companies and individuals.

We will turn your event, whatever size it is – small or large – into an audiovisual show. Or, if not, complete the support with sound, video or lighting in the most convenient way to offer a quality product, professional and without over-dimensioning a serious event, which does not need excessive audiovisual coloring either.

We provide you with everything you need, from a small piece of equipment or accessory, to full coverage of events with clear audio-visual nuances and all the necessary equipment.

We also offer a detailed study of your needs and advice when choosing the best options and alternative solutions to be able to solve in the most convenient way and that best suits your business, cultural or sports events, conventions, conferences, TV sets, filming, radio studios, portable radio and TV units, etc.

We can include technical assistance by integrating our technicians and operators in the proposed solutions, with our equipment if desired, as well as the complements to be integrated.

25 years providing audiovisual services.

Where we are

Our coverage is national. In addition, we have offices in Zaragoza and Madrid for the delivery and collection of material, with previous notification.

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