Video playout & continuity software for TV

Full HD broadcast

TVPLAY is a video playout software and continuity system for television in a single unit, which offers the possibility of switching between modes with a single switcher. No specific video card or additional hardware required!

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A versatile solution with two modes of work: Playout or Continuity, managing multimedia elements in various formats without extra hardware.

Try integrating with TVPROMPT professional software for teleprompters, allowing to unattended one of the two workstations. Discover XPLAY


Vídeo playout & Continuity

⟳ Choose between TVPLAY WSX with Intel® Xeon®, TVPLAY WSI9 with Intel® Core™ i9 or TVPLAY XPRO, can be integrated with our TVPROMP software.

Vídeo Playout & TV Continuity all in one systems, including our TVPLAY software + HP Z4 workstation with Xeon® W-2123 or Core™ i9 10920X processors, with 16 GB of RAM and up to 5 GB of VRAM.

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Ingest & Recording

⟳ Choose between TVPLAY REC with Intel® Core™ i9.

Two complete scheduled ingest and video recording systems, that include our TVPLAY playout and tv continuity software, Metus Ingest software & HPZ4 workstation (computers with Intel Core i9 processor and 32 GB of RAM).

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⟳ In addition to our software, all in one systems and various accesories, you can contact us and ask for other configurations.

You can also find in our store optional accessories for your video playout or ingest system, such as AVMATRIX SC2031 HDMI to HD-SDI converter, TVONE C2-2855 universal scaler or Epiphan Pearl Nano video streaming device.

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Uses and possibilities
The most remarkable thing about our software TVPLAY is that it has the advantage of having multiple functionality. It has most of the advantages that have the high-end systems that already exist in the broadcast market, and of course, always at a very affordable price.
Ideal for any broadcast that requires order and time accuracy.

Automated TV Continuity

Mainly used by TV channels to automate programming, also to launch live or recorded programs.

Video playout

Its main use is for live at television studies, congresses, auditoriums, and news agencies.


Guarantees ingestion through live line recordings, VTRs, reception of agency feeds, etc. Essential for effective delivery of news and content.

Digital signposting

The advertising agencies and marketing departments can program digital signage, video wall or giant screens, even with remote playback.
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